mardi 19 août 2008

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samedi 16 août 2008

Bhalil in two parts

Bhalil's River

This is the seasonal river in bhalil with its several bridges throughout the stairs.
Here where are the famous cave houses.
Tourists come from all over the world to see them and spend a great day.
Unfortunatly :( there are no hotels to spend the night in. You should go to Fez ( 30 km far) where are good hotels.


What an amazing view from the mount. The part of Bhalil where are cave houses.
A must-see town :D ! Really interesting.

Bhalil's sunrise

This picture was taken by my brother. As you can see, there is just one part of Bhalil in this pic which is called "MSSILA".

My first post

Hi everybody. This is Simohammed from Bhalil. I'm 18 and here is my e-mail adresse:
I've made blog to talk a little bit about Bhalil, my native town, And post some pics of it.
It's not a well-known city (small town). It's located in the north of Morocco.
Set on the side of a hill, there are a number of cave houses some of which are opened to tourists to visit.